YouTube Interview, EXORCIST ROAD Review, Personal and Writing Updates…

Hey, friends. The excellent Jason Brant was kind enough to put me on his show “Drinking with Jason” the other night. Here are the gory results.

The rocking Gef Fox and the Wag the Fox book blog reviewed my novella EXORCIST ROAD and had this to say.

Below you can see some cool Adrian Shotbolt art inspired by my novel THE NIGHTMARE GIRL and the awesome cover art by Angela Waters.

Courtesy of Angela Waters and Adrian Shotbolt

Courtesy of Angela Waters and Adrian Shotbolt

We’ve been in the midst of a huge, monstrous renovation of our 1938 home for about six weeks now. We’re still alive. I’m mostly avoiding panic attacks.

I have been grappling with the busiest schedule of my life to preserve/reestablish my writing time. Hopefully, things will stabilize in three days when my teaching year ends and the summer officially begins.

My wife and kids are amazing.

I’ve begun work on a sequel to one of my most popular stories. It’ll be done sometime in June, at which time I’ll begin work on a HUGE book that excites me more than any other in my career.

Southern Gothic

Southern Gothic

More news will be forthcoming.

Sorry about the paucity of blog posts. Life has been a whirlwind.

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