Dark Companions

When I started this blog way back in…okay, so it was only four or five days ago, but my point still stands—when I began this blog, I didn’t intend it to be a Ramsey Campbell cheerleading site, nor did I intend to cast myself as a slavish devotee (read: an obsessed fan that would make Annie Wilkes look sane) of the man’s work. But, to quote the immortal David Coverdale—who deserves that adjective for putting Tawny Kitaen in his videos—here I go again…

Tuesday, I believe, marks Samhain Horror’s huge October launch. I’m awfully excited about this event, and I plan on having guys like Brian Moreland, Frazer Lee, and Kris Rufty on here (I’d also like to have Ramsey Campbell, but I fear he’s currently in a support group with David Letterman and Halle Berry for celebrity stalker victims). What I didn’t realize until today, however, is that one of the five Ramsey Campbell books in the launch contains some of my very favorite Campbell tales. A quick glimpse at what you’ll be getting if you purchase this amazing collection:

“The Companion”: I might as well lead off with this one, since it’s the most famous of the bunch (probably due to Stephen King’s mention of it way back in Danse Macabre). Sometimes stories don’t live up to the hype. This one exceeds it.

“Mackintosh Willy”: You know how when you’re a kid, and you’re really afraid of creepy adults? I mean, there’s that desire to trust people crashing against the prickling at the nape of the neck, and the result is something deeper and fundamentally more amiss inside the child’s psyche than an adult can properly register or remember. This tale will force you to remember.

“In the Bag”: I had a physical reaction just now typing this title. This despite my not reading the story since 1997 or so. You want a tale that’ll make you gasp for air? Here you go…

“Above the World,” “The Chimney,” and “The Guy” are also top-notch stories, and I’m sure when I begin re-reading Dark Companions, I’ll remember how great the other tales are too.

I can’t wait for this collection. Luckily, I won’t have to.

Thus we conclude Ramsey Campbell Stalking Week.

You know, the cuffs are surprisingly comfortable!

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