HOUSE OF SKIN Cover Art Revealed!

Howdy, Gals and Guys! I got an exciting email from Don D’Auria over at Samhain Horror today that I wanted to share. Okay, not the actually email—that would be weird and creepy. Not, of course, that I’m against weird and creepy in principle—to the contrary, I’m all for weird and creepy—I’m just not for divulging confidences from friends and associates. And while I’m not even sure if I have associates, it sounds very mobstery so I’m leaving it in.

(Just call me Big Johnny. Or Fat John. Or Johnny Two-Toes.)

Anyway…Don sent me the cover art for my second novel HOUSE OF SKIN, which will release in both ebook and trade paperback some time in June or July (not to be confused with my debut novel THE SORROWS, which comes out in ebook in December and trade paperback in March—y’all got your copies ordered yet? Don’t make Big Johnny send a couple guys with pipe wrenches and decapitated horse heads over to your house!). So without further ado (cue William Hickey‘s wonderfully awkward drumroll in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation)…

Coming This Summer

Ain’t she a beaut? I won’t tell you much about her yet, except to say that HOUSE OF SKIN is a ghost story of a very different kind.

Have a great day, Cyberfriends, and remember to recycle your pumpkin pie Blizzard cups. Recycle them right up the rear ends of the folks who won’t let us eat them all year long. I mean, come on, Dairy Queen. Is it gonna hurt a brother to gobble down a pumpkin pie Blizzard on a hot August day?

Somethin’ tells me Fat John’s gonna be payin’ some DQ suit a visit real soon…

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