Megamind and Megadeth

Okay, before you get mad at me, I need to tell you this isn’t a post about Dave Mustaine or anything else Megadeth-related (at least those aren’t the primary topics). If you clicked on it for that reason, well, here’s the video for my favorite song by the group, a video I’m certain used to be a staple on Headbangers Ball (apparently the apostrophe got banged right out of the title):

No, my only reason for including Megadeth in this post was to add balance to the title. I considered “Megamind Is Mega-awesome,” but that sucked. I kicked around “Megamind and Megafun,” but that was only one step away from dying. So I included Megadeth because I love the bass line to “Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying?

Got a problem with it? Tell it to this guy…

Don't Make Him Pull out the Spe-ider
Don't Make Him Pull out the Spe-ider

Megamind got decent reviews (73% on the Tomatometer) and did good box office. But for whatever reason, I had little enthusiasm for it. Why, I’ve no idea. I’m both a Will Ferrell fan and a Brad Pitt fan (got a problem with it?), but…I didn’t see it until recently. And man, am I glad I did.

Here’s why you should, too:

1. Will Ferrell is awesome. Some people don’t like him. Those people can snort baby powder, for all I care. The dude is funny. And he’s really funny in Megamind. But even more importantly, the movie has heart. We care when Megamind gets his heart ripped out and ground into the pavement by Tina Fey (who’s also great). He has a very cool character arc, too, which makes him fun to watch.

Soulful Green Alien Eyes

2. Brad Pitt is hilarious as Metroman (fantastic name, no?). The role could have easily been irritating or vapid, but Metroman is neither. Though the animators at Dreamworks (to whom I’ll one day compose an epic blog for creating How to Train Your Dragon, which is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen…yes, I’m serious), deserve a good deal of credit for Metroman’s likeability, Pitt deserves even more. The guy can act, even in a cartoon.

Bruce Campbell in Cartoon Form

3. The love story works. It shouldn’t, I know, and I’m not quite sure why it does…but it does. Will Ferrell and Tina Fey have chemistry (both their voices and their animated incarnations), and watching them fall in and out and in love again is almost as much fun as watching Megamind make his triumphant final entrance at the epic showdown to Guns ‘n Roses‘s (man, that looks awkward…maybe those Headbangers Ball dudes had it right after all) “Welcome to the Jungle.” Watch it here: . Which brings me to the last reason to watch this really good movie (okay, so it’s not How to Train Your Dragon good, but it’s worth your while to check out—I never said I have to love everything I blog about)…

Like the Magnolia Kiss, Only with Will Ferrell instead of John C. Reilly (and Tina Fey instead of a Cokehead)

4. The soundtrack. Any movie that includes “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Back in Black,” and “Crazy Train” deserves a rental, right?

So rent it. You’ll enjoy it. Then you can rock out to some Megadeth and wonder how often Dave Mustaine regrets drinking himself out of Metallica (if you believe the stories).


2 thoughts on “Megamind and Megadeth

  1. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t more than a little jealous, Hunter. Things worked out for both Mustaine and Metallica, but wow, that would’ve been incredible to see. They all had to be just kids when they started out, so it’s really not surprising the band fragmented before reforming.


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