THE SORROWS: One Week from Launch

We’re a week or so away from the big day. That’s right—the 64th Anniversary of the dedication of the Everglades National Park. And despite the tragedy that marred that bright winter afternoon, I think we can agree that the park has enriched all our lives in some way.

The Ill-Fated Alligator Ride Attraction

Also on December 6th, Mr. Popper’s Penguins makes its long-awaited DVD debut featuring a clothed Carla Gugino (unless you buy the special bootlegged director’s cut).

A screen shot from the infamous Gugino-Penguin scene, only available on the Scandinavian bootleg

Let’s see…is there anything else that happens on December 6th? Seems to me there might have been something…I’m thinking about a book…a scary book perhaps…something about a castle…

Nope, lost it.

But in other news, it turns out that another assistant coach of a major collegiate athletic program deserves to be castrated and then beaten to death with a meat mallet. Scientists believe there might be life on Titan (one of Saturn’s moons, not the full-sized pick-up truck or the villain from Megamind). And Black Friday came and went with only 674 murders and 149 tramplings.

So there’s that.

Well, it’s been great talking to you all today. I hope you dust off those old Questar telescopes to peer at Titan tonight. Who knows what you might—

Wait—now I remember…I have a novel coming out next week!

It's coming...

The Sorrows, my debut novel (Does the word debut make me sound like a perfumed debutante? Because I don’t wear perfume. Sure, I like to dress up and work on my smile in front of the mirror sometimes. And who hasn’t practiced his wave? Right, guys? Guys?!), is due to launch on December the 6th. Maybe Samhain didn’t select that date because of its historical significance, but for me, the anniversary of the alligator mauling and the release of the Carla Gugino movie make the date even more special.

And now, to celebrate the impending launch of The Sorrows, I give you this sweet little serenade to get you as pumped as I am for the release.

Estan listos? Estan listos?! ESTAN LISTOS?!?!?!?

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