Two Free Copies of THE SORROWS (a Dreadful Tales Giveaway)

The cheesy feeling I always have while promoting my writing is mitigated in this instance by the fact that Dreadful Tales came up with this giveaway idea (and a great idea it is!). Not only have they given me my first review as a novelist this week, and not only have they named my follow-up novel House of Skin as one of 2012’s most eagerly anticipated releases, but they’ve also decided to give away two copies of The Sorrows on their website. Were my wife and I to have a fourth child, we’d name it Dreadful Janz. Unless it’s a boy, in which case we’d name him Rumpy, in honor of Richard Laymon‘s favorite word.

The details of the giveaway are simple (and painless). Just click on this link, comment in the thread, and bam, you’re eligible for the free ebook. Pretty awesome, huh?

And just that easily, you can own one of these babies…

College money for the three wee Janzes (and little Rumpy)

And by the way, I’m reading a novel right now so scary that I’m afraid to go to bed.

No, I’m serious.

I’ll blog about this puppy as soon as I finish it, but all I’ll say right now is that it involves an evil so outlandish that in most authors’ hands, the story would have been a laugher.

But I’m not laughing as I read it. I’m cinching the covers tighter around my throat to protect myself from something awful. Something ancient. Something the characters simply refer to as the vine…

5 thoughts on “Two Free Copies of THE SORROWS (a Dreadful Tales Giveaway)

  1. “I’m reading a novel right now so scary that I’m afraid to go to bed…” But…but…but, what about Infinity Twice Removed??!! When you gonna get to that? LOL Cool website, JJ, keep up the great writing! Bill


    1. Soon, my friend, soon! I’m looking forward to it, buddy, but you know how life is. I’m excited to dig into it, though. Your writing hasn’t let me down yet!

      And thank you very much for the kinds words! 🙂


      1. No problem, man, I know how it is! Just figured it was about time to bust your b—s about it! HaHa So many good reviews about THE SORROWS, and still two months till the TPB release, dang. I might not be able to hold out for the TPB at this rate. Bill


  2. I was one of the lucky winners of this from Dreadful Tales. I am also looking for authors I have not read before and am looking forward to this book.


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