New Interview with Me! (Courtesy of the Awesome Brian Moreland)

Link to Interview!

Yo, Peeps. If you haven’t left my blog after that cheesy salutation, thank you. And if you haven’t forsaken me because of my nine-day silence, well, thanks for that too. I’ll explain why I’ve been gone soon, but for now I’ll just say it has nothing to do with the Republican primaries, the Super Bowl, or that unfortunate incident at the grocery store and that crabby old woman who claims the “One Sushi Sample to a Customer” rule is some immutable law worth getting into fisticuffs over.

Wait a minute…you didn’t hear about that?

Moving on…

Brian Moreland, author of the fabulous Dead of Winter, was kind enough to interview me right here on his blog. Click on the link if you’d like to hear my thoughts on the mistreatment of women, the landscape of California, the writing abilities of guys like Stephen King, Joe R. Lansdale, Jack Ketchum, and Richard Laymon, as well as a whole lotta thoughts about The Sorrows (You’ve bought the ebook or pre-ordered the paperback, right? If not, you can do either right here!) and the upcoming House of Skin.

Oh, and I didn’t mention anything in the interview about that old bag at the supermarket.

Heh…did I say old bag? I meant brown bag. You know, the non-biodegradable ones that hurt the environment? Yep, those. I didn’t say anything about an old woman. Or sushi. Or the possible consequences of a toothpick in the neck.

I said ONE California roll, you whipper snapper!

Have a good night, all. I’ve gotta go find some Neosporin…

5 thoughts on “New Interview with Me! (Courtesy of the Awesome Brian Moreland)

  1. Hahahahaha!!!! I need this roll on the floor life prior to heading to bed. That will take the scare away from I get from all you wonderfully bone-chilling horror writers!! No really, the old lady and the sushi is so funny. I’m glad you made it out alive.

    On another note, GREAT interview with Brian!! I enjoyed it.


  2. Was that our phones that changed our words to something else, your blog, or something scary doing it to annoy us….I think it was the eyes….ok, above I was rolling on the floor life instead of laughing, really?? And your old to only. Really people, we can write and spell and everything…..;) lol


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