THE SORROWS releases in trade paperback!

First of all, let’s get the obvious thing out of the way: it’s been awhile since I last posted (February 20th, to be exact). That marks the longest hiatus I’ve had since I started posting regularly in the fall, and while I feel a little bad about that, the simple fact is that you’re not very important to me anymore.


My lawn on a May morning
My lawn on a May morning

I love you, faceless blog readers. I love you like I love the first dewdrops of a summer morning. Which is a lot, incidentally. I’m a huge dewdrop fan. In the dawn’s first ghostly light, when no one’s looking, I often kneel on the ground to lap at the grass-blade tips. I then make dewdrop angels on the bed of moist lawn and sing cantatas of joy and rapture.

That’s normal, right?

So anyway, THE SORROWS (all caps makes it cooler) came out in trade paperback format a week early! You gotter, folks. That good-lookin’ pair of glowing eyes can now be yours for under ten bucks. Just imagine that evil gaze peering at you from your favorite bookshelf. Or leering at you from atop Aunt Elva’s ash-filled urn. Or keeping you company as you wait in line at the DMV.

Portable creepy eyes (with bonus haunted castle!)

The possibilities are endless.

So buy it here. Or here. Or here or here or here (who knew Target sold paperbacks?).

And if you’re into the whole digital thing, the ebook is still kicking much bootie right here.

A couple of new Goodreads reviews have popped up, too. Here’s what they’re saying…

From Carol: “Books don’t normally “spook” me, but this one was that exception. I don’t remember reading a book that affected me this way since I read Stephen King as a kid. If you like horror and want a good story this is a book I’d suggest.”

And Gail: “Make sure you have plenty of time to read before you pick this one up!! It is one you won’t want to put down!! Janz draws you into the story and displays amazing descriptive abilities. The story holds a little something for everyone, but for horror fans – this story is absolutely chilling. I can’t wait to pick up more from this author!!”

Okay, friends. I’ll talk to you again soon. I’ve been hard at work doing the final edits on my third novel and I’ve been almost as hard at work finishing my fourth novel. Soon it’ll be time to begin writing my fifth book, and folks, I can’t tell you how pumped I am for that one.

Until next time, fellow dewdrop aficionados.

4 thoughts on “THE SORROWS releases in trade paperback!

  1. Dew is awesome….never actually bent down and lapped it up, but there are new things to explore every day. Like your book, I started it and it’s good so far, can’t wait to finish it!!


  2. They do indeed, Hunter. Like your upcoming Evil Eternal! I can’t wait for audiences to read this fantastic book. Mark your calendars for early May, folks. An outstanding book is on the way!


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