FEARnet loves THE SORROWS (and I await my fate…)

Last week I got the exciting, elating, add-any-adjective-that-begins-with-an-e-unless-it’s-exasperating-or-erratic news that FEARnet (an awesome cable network and horror website) went wild for my debut novel The Sorrows.

The review (by Blu Gilliand) is right here. And here. And here. It’s the same link, but I enjoyed the review so much that I wanted you to have multiple opportunities to click it.

A couple of highlights:

“Jonathan Janz makes an impressive debut with The Sorrows, a gruesome confection that blends beloved elements of B-movies and pulp novels in a wickedly fun read. Reviews of the book, which came out in December of 2011 from Samhain Publishing, have drawn comparisons to Richard Laymon, comparisons which proved to be dead-on.”


The Sorrows is what paperback (or, these days, eBook) horror novels are all about – an engaging premise, a spooky location, lots of blood, a terrifying creature, and, ultimately, a satisfying read. Janz has set the bar high with his debut, but I have a feeling he’s got a lot more tricks up his sleeve.”

So there you go.

And as happy as that review made me, I’m plagued with an ominous feeling tonight. You see, a family we’re friends with got violently sick a few days ago, and members of my family happened to be around them the day after, and…

My family just before last night's explosion...
My family just before last night's explosion...

Yeah. My son got incredibly ill last night (I sound like a Facebook post, don’t I? I SWORE I’d never talk about my vomiting children. BAD daddy! BAD DADDY!). One of my daughters then did her best Linda Blair impression (about seventeen times, the final eruption occurring just after four a.m.—Did I mention I’m the designated nausea nurse and regurgitated-mess-cleaner-upper in our house?). My youngest (fifteen-months-old) seems to be okay thus far, but my wife took her turn feeling like sweating death earlier this evening.

Which leaves me.

So here I sit, blithely typing a blog post, but deep down knowing that my time very well might be coming.

Wish me well. I’m going to read some Jack Ketchum. Let’s hope that’s as disturbing as my night gets.

*takes deep breath, hits Publish, and steps tremblingly away from keyboard*

5 thoughts on “FEARnet loves THE SORROWS (and I await my fate…)

  1. Congrats on another great review!! Terrible news on the sickness. I’ve gotten a little crazy myself with the Lysol, but even that doesn’t work. As long as your head doesn’t start spinning 360 degrees around and around….i do hope you don’t get it. And that you are able to get enough rest too. Take care.


    1. Erin, I did indeed go Linda Blair a couple days ago. The marvel (and the blessing) is that my fifteen-month-old turned out to be the toughest of us all. She didn’t have a single symptom!

      That made me happy, of course. But also kind of wimpy. 🙂


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