New Review and My Daughter

Yeah, yeah, I know the order of those title topics should’ve been switched, but I figured I’d get the business out of the way before I got all gushy on ya. So the business…

You. Complete. Me.
You. Complete. Me.

The above daguerreotype of Edgar Allan Poe—and I’m not gonna lie; I selected that portrait not only because I hadn’t seen it as much as the others, but because it allowed me to use the word daguerreotype—captures the man as I want to remember him: intense, brilliant. Slightly mad. Not as the poor substance abuser who married his neighbor’s goat, or whatever it is people say about him. That’s the problem with Poe—you write stuff that weird and that amazing and people figure they can make up whatever they want about you. Folks will simply lap it up.

But I bring up Poe because Erin El-Mehairi (mastermind of the “Oh, for the Hook of a Book” blog) brought up Poe when she was talking about me.

Yeah, I’ll take that.

To read her full review, you can click right here. I really enjoyed it. And if you read The Sorrows and think I’m a psychopath, feel free to make up all sorts of untrue tales about me and my neighbor’s livestock. Like I said, any utterance of my name in the same sentence as Poe’s makes me a happy man!

Now for the most jarring and bizarre subject change of all time…

Rapunzel and Eugene

I don’t know if Poe would’ve liked Tangled or not, but my four-year-old daughter sure does.

I do too. No, I really do. In fact, I love it. It’s one of my favorite movies, and if you just lost respect for me and my movie tastes, you and your cold cynic’s attitude can go here for a heart transplant:

Snapshot from an early Gwar concert

Back to Tangled. Or more specifically, back to my daughter.

I’m very thankful for her. That’s all I really wanted to say.

Of course, I’m thankful for all three of my kids, as well as my wife, but tonight I’m especially happy about my little Sparkle (and if you think that’s a nauseating nickname, you should hear the thirty-seven other things I call her).

Watching Tangled (for the one-hundred-and-sixteenth time) was a blessing. Holding her in my lap and laughing with her at the funny parts and covering her eyes at the scary parts and letting a couple tears soak into her hair during the moving parts…all of it was a blessing.

That’s all.

Go read the review of The Sorrows. And re-read some Poe. And then watch Tangled. And if you got nauseated during this post, don’t feel too bad. I probably would have too if it were somebody else being all mushy about his kid.


10 thoughts on “New Review and My Daughter

  1. Tangled is a movie that the whole family watches over and over and we never get tired of it. 🙂 Get this…I have a 6 yr old son and he loves it. He thinks she’s pretty.


    p.s. Congratulations on another great review!


    1. You’ve raised your son right! And he’s spot-on about Rapunzel. My own six-year-old son agrees completely (he loves the green eyes). And actually, I agree too. I mean, if I were twenty years younger and not married and, well, animated, I’d ask her out in a heartbeat!


  2. Hey buster, you better be glad I am your friend AND have a 4 yr old princess who ADORES Tangled because who the heck else would let you get away with posting my review of a HORROR book (your horror book) with a segment on Tangled???? Truly, you are a lucky man. And yes folks, the sappy man does write horror just read my review!!! My daughter is looking over at my iPad now and thinks I have downloaded a cute Tangled game because she sees the photo….nice. 😉 I think i shall scroll back up to Mr. Poe now…….


    1. Your daughter has wonderful taste. 🙂

      The more I think about it, I think Poe would’ve approved of Tangled. You’ve got a twisted, hundreds-of-years-old villain…a roguish anti-hero…even a protagonist who’s trapped in a confined space!

      Wait a minute. Maybe he actually wrote Tangled! Is there a hidden goat anywhere in the movie…?


      1. No but there is a chamelon, true master of disguise!!!! Maybe he is really a goat. And yes Rapunzel is a dark fairy tale written during his lifetime (I think…) so maybe. I mean she was trapped in a tower….mmmmmm sound familiar?! Lol


      2. Whoa. I never even noticed the connection between The Sorrows and Rapunzel’s situation. Jeesh! And here I thought I was observant! There was probably a helicopter scene in Tangled I somehow missed too.


  3. My daughters outgrew movies like Tangled, but I did get to fully enjoy all the Shrek movies with them, Up, and Toy Story. Up, to me, is one of the best movies, animated or not, of all time.


    1. So sorry it took me so long to reply to this, Hunter. Crazy times.

      Shrek, Up, and Toy Story are classics. And I love Up, too. The whole marriage/aging montage killed me (as I’m sure it did you as well).


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