Alan Spencer Attacks My Blog!

Hey everybody, I’m Alan Spencer.  I’m taking over the place for a day, so while I’m here, let’s chat.

Everybody’s heard of the horror classics like Friday the 13th, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and more recently, the Saw films.  Those films are Hollywood horror, which is fine, but there’s a great catalogue of horror movies that go straight to DVD which I think are the better flicks of the lot.  So why pick the lower budget films to pay homage to as opposed to something more A-list like I did in my novel B-Movie Reels?

First, I love movies with unintentional humor.  That’s a big part of b-movies, really. The bad dialogue, the cheesy special effects, and the ludicrous plots.  Add the nobody characters they throw in to add body count.  Sometimes these nobody characters are so funny, goofy, and likeable, they outshine the main characters.  And let’s not forget the boobs and sex.  Please don’t forget the boobs and sex.

So take those ingredients and pour them into a book, and you get B-Movie Reels. This book’s a big horror party, and I personally invite you to join in.  Bring a friend. Bring some beers.  Bring whatever you want.  And don’t forget, the horror never dies.  B-Movie Attack is coming out on e-book in August and paperback in December.  I’m also planning another sequel called B-Movie War.  So if you’re craving some laughs, a lot of blood, and those boobs we all love so much, please pick up B-Movie Reels (available in both e-book and paperback on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Samhain Publishing‘s website) and give it a shot.

I want to throw out a quick thanks to Jonathan for letting me take over his blog for a day.  You should check out his novel The Sorrows, which I personally enjoyed very much, and his latest House of Skin (great title!).  To all out there reading this, keep it fun, keep it cheesy, and keep reading horror.

-Alan Spencer

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