Are Men Terrified of Women?

Howdy, friends! I blogged at the Samhain Publishing website today about the above question. Check out my bizarre theories right here:

And in the mean time…I’m sort of geeked about this little art house film coming out in a few days. Most of you won’t have heard of it, but in case you’re not into intimate independent movies, here’s the poster…

*goes into paroxysm of fanboy rapture*

4 thoughts on “Are Men Terrified of Women?

  1. Every woman should go read that insightful post! Wow, super funny!! 🙂 Women are just the same. Mostly though, women have become tired of being used by men or dealing with drama of other women so they turn ninja warrior OR come back to haunt. Annabel is certainly just the woman i’d love to sick on mg ex husband. 😉


  2. Wow! I didn’t know it was insightful, but I’m glad to hear you felt that way about it! And I would love to sic Annabel on your ex-husband. Let me go work on that…


  3. Of course it was insightful….women think men totally won’t like them. To know a man is scared to approach a woman and have any kind of fear of rejection? Yea, that’s insightful. LOL!! Cmon. And it was funny. I laughed out loud.


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