Book Signing in Indianapolis Tonight!

Howdy, folks! If any of you are in the Indianapolis area—or even if you aren’t and feel like traveling to the Hoosier realm for some horror and unseasonably hot weather—come on out to Indy Reads, a brand-new book store on Massachusetts Avenue, for my first ever reading/signing combo!

Did my nervousness show in those keystrokes? Maybe in my sentence structure or word choice? No? Then I guess I’m not nervous.

Nope, not at allllluhhhhguhguhguhGUHGUGAIGAIGAIAIAGAIAEEEEE!!!!!!

Excuse me. Don’t know where that came. Couldn’t have been the nerves.

So I’ll see you at Indy Reads tonight, huh? And if I don’t do a good job, just politely nod and keep that strained smile plastered on your face and pretend I’m not convulsing on the floor in apoplectic terror.


Great. See you there!

Obligatory Book Cover Image

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