And now we focus on HOUSE OF SKIN…

I picked up a copy of HOUSE OF SKIN (available now in paperback AND ebook!) from one of my bookcases last night and read the prologue. It’s only two words long:

“She waited.”

The “she” in question is a very scary woman. She might be called a ghost. She might also be called a revenant or an undying creature of deepest evil. Her name is Annabel. I’ve always imagined her as a cross between Nicole Kidman at her iciest…

…and Gwyneth Paltrow at her most mysterious…

…but far more sinister and seductive than those two could ever hope to be.

I’ll be talking about her and more in the coming months. So I’m extending an invitation to all of you to visit my dark house. A place of terror. A place of desire. A place where Annabel reigns…


2 thoughts on “And now we focus on HOUSE OF SKIN…

    1. Thank you so much, Hunter! I’m pumped about Swamp Monster Massacre, too. Watching your segment from Monster Men only amplified my excitement! 🙂


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