Every Post Doesn’t Have to Be Epic

I just realized this.

I’ve been experiencing the urge to blog quite a bit lately, but I simply haven’t had the time. Working on three different novels in addition to everything else I normally do—

Okay, I’ll stop. But you get me, don’t you? I’m going to work on blogging more but maybe blogging shorter. I’d still like to blog well, but…well, I’m tired of using blog as a verb, and if I’m tired of it, you’re probably ready to slam your head into your monitor.

So to prevent you from doing that, I’ll leave you with this, the only aspect of the post that’s epic:


Oh, and the obligatory image of something else epic:


4 thoughts on “Every Post Doesn’t Have to Be Epic

  1. I’m glad you plan to worry less and post more. The truth is, when I’m busy myself, I have a hard time keeping up with frequent, lengthy, EPIC posts anyway. (And shouldn’t we all be busy, doing whatever creative, arty thing we do?)

    Sure, I’ll read my favorites, assuming I get the chance, but I’ll skip or skim long stuff that isn’t absolutely on point for my mood. Still, I hate it when an blogger goes quiet for too long. I’d rather get more frequent little updates, just so I know that my tribe is out there, accomplishing things.. If it’s been a while since the last long post, I’m more likely to take the time to really read a new one, even when I’m busy.

    In other words, I think you’re completely right.

    All that said, I’m reminded that I need to get a ‘yes I’m still alive” post up today.


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