Public Service Message: THE EXORCIST


I’m reading THE EXORCIST right now. It started out decently, and though I didn’t think it was bad, I didn’t really see why it’s considered a classic.

I’m over halfway through the book now.

Now I see.

the exorcist 2

If you value your sleep, don’t read this book. It’s not perfect—I find myself not liking Chris (the mother) as much as I’m supposed to, and some of the early dialogue bugged me with its preciousness.

But Father Karras is an incredible character. The detective (Kinderman) is very cool too.

And the horror scenes? Good gravy.


I’ll tell you what I think of this thing when I’m done, but if it keeps going like it has over the past hundred pages or so…well, I doubt I’ll be sleeping much this weekend.

Wish me luck.


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