Stumbled across this review last night. I found it very well-written and thought it contained some cool insights. See what you think…

Mika Reads Horror Fiction

12832819A satyr of Greek myths and legends haunts a secluded island in the debut novel by Jonathan Janz. Setting off with a quote from The Great God Pan (1890) by Arthur Machen, the Sorrows (2011, Samhain) proceeds to drag Pan’s horns and hooves into the 21st century with laymonian gusto. Interspersed with backstory from the 1920s, the novel follows a pair of present-day composers and their associates as they seek the solitude of the island to compose a film soundtrack for an upcoming horror movie.

The composers are horror hounds, looking for macabre places that set their creative juices flowing. The Sorrows, an island with an imposing mansion and shady history is the perfect site for such a venture. Ben is the more artistic of the two, while Eddie takes care of business. The two are accompanied by female consorts, Claire, a demure young woman, and

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