One Hundred Kisses

My wife’s always telling me I should post more about myself on here. She claims not everyone is as fixated on Stephen King and Richard Matheson as I am.

Could it be?

So before I go to bed to read the final pages of THE EXORCIST, I’ll share something I do every day. Well, almost every day.

No job on the planet is as important as being a parent. I pray every night to be a better dad, and every night I feel I’ve fallen short. I ache to be the dad that my three children deserve. I might not get much right, but I do make sure I do this:

One hundred kisses every night. For each kid. Sometimes it’s the forehead, other times (usually with my two-year-old daughter, who tends to get squirmy at around the twenty-four or twenty-five kiss mark) it’s the forearm. But I kiss them each a hundred times so they’ll have that before they fall asleep.

I love my kids more than I could explain with a lifetime of words. I’m blessed far more than I deserve.

And I love being their father. I feel like it’s what I was born to do.

That’s all for tonight.



5 thoughts on “One Hundred Kisses

  1. I agree, it shows your softer side which some will like and others won’t, but it’s you so they can deal with it. It helps to show everyone who likes horror is not a mass murder. And from what I see you are a great dad that most kids would give anything to have. You don’t have to be perfect, just love them. And you do. You spend quality time with them. I concur on that and that is why I sacrifice some things to make sure I am always there for my kids and raise them right. Kiss them lots, play with them, be creative with them, read with them….it’s important and the best job you’ll ever have. 🙂


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