New Wag the Fox Interview…with me (Was that obvious?)

If you haven’t yet visited the Wag the Fox blog, you’re missing out. Not just because the proprietor there has reviewed my first two novels and has been extremely kind to me, but because it’s simply a reliably awesome place to frequent.

Interviewed by the Fox!
Interviewed by the Fox!

But today there’s a new interview with me on there, and I thought y’all might like to check it out. Gef asks some excellent questions, and I do my best to not sound like a blithering idiot. And whether I succeed or not, isn’t it worth a couple minutes to hear about my upcoming novel THE DARKEST LULLABY? Or to hear such wonderful authors as Stephen King, Peter Straub, Shirley Jackson, Edgar Allan Poe, and Ira Levin discussed? Or perhaps just to make me feel loved?

Rolling toward bookstores in April!
Rolling toward bookstores in April!

Naw. Go with the first reason. Or perhaps the second. As for my feeling loved, that part’s covered. I went out to dinner with the wife tonight for an early Valentine’s celebration. You know, one of those places where you pay a lot of money for the ambience and the protracted descriptions of the night’s specials? The same kind of place where you pay a ton of money for mediocre food divvied out in meager portions and end up craving drive-thru on the way home?

Well, this one was actually pretty decent, and I didn’t have to liquidate my firstborn’s college fund to pay for it. So there’s that. And…

What was my point?

Oh yeah. The interview. Here’s the link.


3 thoughts on “New Wag the Fox Interview…with me (Was that obvious?)

    1. THANK YOU, “hookofabook”! I tried to reply to your comment on there, but I was unable (something about a Google account or something). So I’ll just say it here–you’re awesome! 🙂


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