The Coming Storm

No, this isn’t a post about Q or 006 or any other winter storm battering some unfortunate region of the country. This is about the next several months.


March, April, May, and June.

Four months. Two novels. One novella. And a convention.

The June novel, it should be stated, is atypical in many ways, and I’m not really supposed to talk much about it yet (I thought I’d capture a little of the mysterious feel of a Bond movie, okay?). But it’s definitely a novel.

April will bring my third Samhain Horror release, which is titled The Darkest Lullaby and bears some relationship to my first two novels (more on that before weekend’s end).

March will see the release of a brand-new version of my short novella The Clearing of Travis Coble. If you’re one of the eight or nine people who read it back when it was first released, the story is quite a bit different than it once was. For the other seven billion of you who’ve never heard of the tale…well, prepare for some darkness. The Clearing of Travis Coble is lean, dark, and vicious. In other words, I think horror fans will love it.

I’ll show you the cover of Travis Coble soon, but for now, here’s what The Darkest Lullaby looks like…


I’ll also be appearing at HorrorHound Cincinnati in March with four of my fellow Samhainers, as well as my dear friends Norman Reedus, Michael Madsen, and John Carpenter. Click the above link, scroll all the way down, and see the Samhain Horror banner with pictures of the five Samhain authors scheduled to attend.

I’m the one with my back to the camera. It’s best that way.

So you’ve been warned. There’s a storm on the horizon. And unless you’re Miss Moneypenny, you better…ah, never mind. Just read the books. And come to Cincinnati. (when I’m there!)

Are you gonna bark all day little doggy?
Are you gonna bark all day little doggy?

7 thoughts on “The Coming Storm

  1. What a good storm to have though right? So many good things coming your way and in turn for readers. Several others have some great things coming too. My blog will be blowing up.

    BTW, did you change your blog layout? 🙂


    1. We’re delighted to blow up your blog, Erin! You’re right–there are a great many cool things on the way, and many of them aren’t even mine. I’m looking forward to so much good reading ahead.

      I did change the layout. I like it for the most part, but I’m sure I’ll change it again after a while. 🙂


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