HOUSE OF SKIN a Finalist for the Darrell Award!!!

Okay, so I’ve been sitting on a piece of news for a good long while now, and I thought I’d be able to share it yesterday…but I can’t yet. Painful for me, though probably merely annoying for you. No one likes a tease.

From the Mind of Charlaine Harris
From the Mind of Charlaine Harris

But this morning I received a piece of good news that I wasn’t expecting. In fact, I’d all but forgotten about it because I didn’t think my novel had a chance. However…

The chairman of the Darrell Awards—presented every at the MidSouthCon in Memphis, Tennessee—emailed me to inform  me that my sophomore novel House of Skin has been selected by the jury as one of ten finalists for the Darrell Award, which is presented to the best Midsouth Science Fiction, Fantasy, and/or Horror Fiction of the Year. To be eligible for the award, the fictional work must have some connection to the Midsouth area, which includes Memphis (and the protagonist of my novel hails from Memphis!).

This Year's Hall of Fame Inductee
This Year’s Hall of Fame Inductee

The Hall of Fame Award at the MidSouthCon will be presented to none other than Justin Cronin (The Passage, The Twelve). Past winners of the Darrell Award include Charlaine Harris (creator of the True Blood books), Sherrilyn Kenyon, Nancy A. Collins, and last year, John Hornor Jacobs (for Southern Gods).

So…I’m excited! I always roll my eyes when folks at the Oscars say they’re just happy to be nominated. Well, now I can say—with not the slightest roll of my eyes—that I’m ecstatic to be nominated. Thank you, Darrell Awards Jury, for selecting House of Skin as a finalist. I’m truly honored!

7 thoughts on “HOUSE OF SKIN a Finalist for the Darrell Award!!!

    1. THANK you! I really appreciate that.

      And you can bet this tease will culminate in something. I’m just waiting for Amazon to do something that will ensure that…well, let’s just say that the news should be announced by the end of the weekend. 🙂


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