The Clearing of Travis Coble

In my recent blog post titled “The Coming Storm” I alluded to a convention, two novels, and a novella that are all happening in the next four months. I’m happy to say that I can finally share the details of my fourth novel…but that will have to wait until later this week.

What I can share now is the cover to my March novella, The Clearing of Travis Coble:

Ain't she a beaut?
Ain’t she a beaut?

This vicious little novella comes to you courtesy of Untreed Reads, an outstanding San Francisco-based publisher which also brought you my wildly successful—and occasionally misunderstood—novella Old Order.

I’ll have a release date for you soon. For now, I’ll just say that if you don’t like horror, pleeeeaaase don’t buy The Clearing of Travis Coble. Okay, I guess you can buy it. Just don’t read it. Then we’ll both be happy.

And if you are a horror fan?

I’m guessing this will be something you’ll really enjoy.

‘Night, Friends!

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