The Clearing of Travis Coble is LIVE (and a quick anecdote)

All right, folks, if you haven’t checked out my brand-spankin-new novella, you can pick up a copy for a buck-fifty. It’s actually a long short story or a very short novella, depending on your definition, but I still think the price is fair. Before I tell you a quick tale about it, here’s the cover art:

Dark story, Folks
Dark story, Folks

So this tale is brief, but it says something about Travis Coble, I think. The story was originally published about six years ago (I’ve since changed several things about it—word choice, dialogue, etc.), and back then I really didn’t think much about how often readers equate a writer’s material with the writer as a human being. Because, you know, most of us writers are human beings.

So I told this lady where she could find the story, and since she was eager to read it, I figured it would be a good thing for her to see my work.

The next time I saw her, she looked at me like I was the antagonist of the story. Her expression was a mixture of incredulity, revulsion, and terror. Yes, folks, she actually thought I was a monstrous dude because of this story.

My reader looked something like this
My reader looked something like this

I still marvel that she had that reaction, but in case you’re looking for something sweet and uplifting…

This ain’t it.

You’ve been warned.

Have a good night!

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