Five Book Covers, Five Nights: SAVAGE SPECIES, Part Three: DARK ZONE

Howdy, friends! As I solemnly vowed last night, here’s the second in my series of five consecutive book covers, which is from the third installment of my upcoming serial novel SAVAGE SPECIES. This is the  cover that made my wife recoil, frown, whisper “Oh my” as though I’d just shown her a photo of a gutted animal carcass, and then promptly leave the room. So given that reaction, is it any surprise that I absolutely LOVE the Angela Waters-designed cover for SAVAGE SPECIES, Part Three: DARK ZONE?


Yep. I love it. And I especially love how it captures the horrific plight of my characters in that section of the novel. Now might be the time to mention that if you’re not a horror fan (or a fan of dark suspense), you might not find this story very…comforting. It’s vicious and harrowing (in my humble opinion), so if you do decide to take the plunge—and I really hope you do—you’ll be in for a wild and very dark ride.

So there you have it! The artwork for Part Four of SAVAGE SPECIES will be featured right here tomorrow night. I hope you stop by for that. I especially hope you download the FREE first installment of the book right here. Have a good one!


3 thoughts on “Five Book Covers, Five Nights: SAVAGE SPECIES, Part Three: DARK ZONE

    1. Dude, I knew you’d like that one. You and I have tastes so similar, it’s a little eerie. Full disclosure: I was going to suggest something similar to what eventually became your EVIL ETERNAL cover. I bet you requested something like that, didn’t you? When I saw those eyes over the city, I thought, “Man, that’s a great cover. And DANG IT! I wanted to do something like that!”


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