Five Book Covers, Five Nights: SAVAGE SPECIES Part Two: THE CHILDREN

Hey, all. Over the next five evenings I’m going to be debuting on my blog five never before posted upcoming book covers, one of which (Dust Devils) has never been seen by anyone other than the artist (the amazing Angela Waters), Don D’Auria, and me.

The first four covers will be parts one-through-five of my upcoming serial novel epic extravaganza SAVAGE SPECIES. You’ve already seen the main cover and the artwork for Part One: Night Terrors (which is FREE, by the way, so order the dang thing already!), so tonight we reveal the creepy cover of installment number two, The Children:


So what do you think? I’m a fan of it, of course, and here’s why. One, the Children themselves (oh, folks, wait till you meet these creatures; they make rabid wolverines in heat look tame) are a good deal like I envisioned them. Secondly, there’s a face in the background that foreshadows some horrible stuff to come. And generally, I think it’s a great cover that nicely suits that section of the book.

So there you have it! Tomorrow night will feature the cover art for installment number three, Dark Zone, and all I’ll say about that one is my wife can’t even look at it without shivering and averting her eyes. Which means it’s perfect!

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