Five Book Covers, Five Nights: SAVAGE SPECIES, Part Four: THE ARENA

Happy Friday, friends and visitors! Tonight marks the halfway point of our breathless odyssey through the awesome cover art of Angela Waters. As some of you know by this time, my huge serial novel SAVAGE SPECIES begins on June the 4th with NIGHT TERRORS (download your free installment here!). Following that, you can pick up THE CHILDREN on June 18th for a buck-fifty, the third installment (DARK ZONE) on July 2nd, and then…

THE ARENA, Part Four of SAVAGE SPECIES, on July 16th:


Now I’ve gotta tell you, I really liked this cover the first time I saw it, but I didn’t have quite the same visceral reaction that I had to the cover for DARK ZONE. Oh, don’t get me wrong—that’s not a criticism, nor is to say I didn’t like it. Because I did. A lot.

But this one has grown on me over time to the point where I love it too. It’s different than the other Savage Species covers in that the “sexy” factor here is more prevalent. And the more I think about that, the more I like it. This novel is many things, and among those is a Laymonesque throwback to the scantily-clad-female-laden horror films of the seventies and eighties. The novel is also, partially, an homage to Richard Laymon himself, a writer whom many literary types sniff pompously at but a guy I’m proud to call one of my main influences and inspirations. So it’s the Laymon vibe the cover broadcasts that I love the most. If that makes any sense.

Join me tomorrow night right here, friends, for the unveiling of Part Five of SAVAGE SPECIES—the climactic installment of  the novel—which is called THE OLD ONE and Sunday night for the first ever look at the cover of my vampire western DUST DEVILS (coming February 2014!).

4 thoughts on “Five Book Covers, Five Nights: SAVAGE SPECIES, Part Four: THE ARENA

    1. Amy McBreasterson. I’ll have to look up her number, but I think you’re right about going to school with her. She’s definitely from the Greater Indianapolis area–I’d recognize those torn jeans anywhere.


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