Five Book Covers, Five Nights: SAVAGE SPECIES, Part Five: THE OLD ONE

What a crazy several days it has been. There are many cool things at work on the writing front, an even greater number of things going on with the family (all good, just ridiculously busy), and, well…there’s this:


One great thing about Samhain Horror and Don D’Auria is that they let you provide ideas about your potential covers. And the crazy thing is, they actually listen to you. Or at least they pretend to. Either way, it’s fun to hunt around the Internet for wild cover art ideas. On occasion what I describe to Don and the amazing Angela Waters ends up being almost exactly what I’d envisioned (this cover for DARK ZONE, for instance). At other times, Angela ends up taking things in a direction I never imagined (see: HOUSE OF SKIN). In both circumstances, I’ve ended up loving my covers.

The above cover represents a little bit of both: I did say I wanted to see the Old One in close-up or extreme close-up (and folks, I can’t wait to introduce you to this sadistic, ancient villain), but from there Angela took it and ran. Needless to say, I’m very happy with the result.

Just in case you haven’t yet heard, the nightmarish serial novel SAVAGE SPECIES will all begin on June 4th with the free novella-length first installment NIGHT TERRORS (pre-order it now, folks!).

So join me tomorrow for the final new book cover, this one for my fifth novel, which is coming in February 2014. It’s a vampire western called DUST DEVILS, and tomorrow night will mark the first time anyone other than the artist, the editor, or the author will view its awesome cover.


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