New Interview with Me (All Sorts of Goodies in This One, My Friends!)

Good evening. This interview was posted on April 8th, so it’s not new. But none of you have probably read it. Why not? Because I didn’t mention it until tonight. Why didn’t I? Because I’m a loser.

It's COMING...

So in this interview (conducted by the very cool writer M.R. Gott) I talk about all sorts of awesome stuff. Just a few topics that are covered: Stephen King, ‘Salem’s Lot, Jack Ketchum, Me, Brian Keene, Special Agent Pendergast, George R.R. Martin‘s Fevre Dream, Me, Joe R. Lansdale, my books, Jack Ketchum’s Red, Peter Straub‘s Ghost Story, scary women, Mr. Majestyk, Tim Lebbon, Me, Roland Deschain, Lord Byron, and my upcoming serial novel SAVAGE SPECIES.

Here’s an excerpt:

Q: Your work Savage Species is going to be released this summer in serialized form.  How did this project come together?

A: Ah, this is one I’m incredibly excited about. I had written about, oh, sixty percent of the book when my agent Louise Fury told me that she’d had a conversation over dinner with Don D’Auria (my amazing editor at Samhain), and two other people at or near the top of the Samhain Publishing company hierarchy. At that dinner the idea of a serialized horror novel materialized…

To read the rest, you’ll have to click the link!

Anyway, M.R. Gott asked some outstanding questions. I really enjoyed the interview, and I hope you do, too. Here ya go!



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