Travis Coble Slaughters the Critics

If you read this

“I’m a mom. A reader. A reviewer. I have no professional publishing experience whatsoever. Yet I can almost guarantee that if Jonathan Janz decided to take Travis Coble and feature him in a full-length novel (or two or three…) – he would be making a very sound career move AND would earn himself a spot on this reader’s coveted “Must-Read” list! Reminiscent of Texas Chainsaw Massacre done literary-style, The Clearing of Travis Coble is a must-read for horror fans!”

…would you be interested in dropping a buck on a horror story? Maybe, maybe not? Then how about this

“The suspense is subtle at first. It creeps up on you slowly and you become aware of something nasty coming soon. I swear I would have screamed if someone had spoken while I was reading the ending.”

Available now from Untreed Reads
Available now from Untreed Reads

Still not convinced? How about this one

“For the shorter length, the author does a remarkable job of deepening several characters, kind of like holding a diamond up to the sunlight and turning it around and around looking at the various facets. Also the plotting here has the kick of a boomerang, when the thrower doesn’t think to get out of its way.”

or this?

“Some of the most refreshing usage of vocabulary that I have seen in a long time. Excellent super creepy horror story, with an ending that you might think you see coming, but with a surprising twist.”

Enough. I’ll stop besieging you with blurbs and links. If you want to read this twisted tale, you can buy it right here.

Just don’t expect a happy ending.

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