Weekend Round-Up, YEE-HAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Okay, that was the most obnoxious blog post title I’ve ever composed, but I’m going to leave it because I’m proud of my cowboy heritage and the sequined chaps in my top drawer.

Was that out loud?

Free, Peeps! FREE! Let's spread the word!
Free, Peeps! FREE! Let’s spread the word!

Anywho, lots of good stuff to catch you up on from the week, starting with Dark Mark and Dreadful Tales and a rootin’ tootin’ review of my upcoming serial novel SAVAGE SPECIES (You’re praying I won’t carry this cowboy metaphor through to the end of the post, aren’t you? Okay, I’ll stop with the yippee-ki-yays and the ornery cusses as long as you promise to download the FREE first installment of SAVAGE SPECIES, NIGHT TERRORS. Okay? And if you have already pre-ordered it, tell ten friends about it. Or six. Or I’ll come at you with my lasso and my strident ululations. And you don’t want that).

Oh. The review: http://dreadfultales.com/2013/05/16/savage-species-by-jonathan-janz/

Home of Dark Mark, Meli, and Other Twisted-but-Cool Folks
Home of Dark Mark, Meli, and Other Twisted-but-Cool Folks

Secondly, I’ve announced it elsewhere (including the above article), so I might as well say it here too. I’m writing a sequel to THE SORROWS. It’s called CASTLE OF SORROWS and picks up where the last novel left off (which I guess is what most sequels do, huh?). I’m not going to go on about it because I don’t like to talk much about works-in-progress (including the new trilogy I’ve begun and the young adult project I’ve done some work on). Let’s just say I’m pumped about CASTLE OF SORROWS and leave it at that.

Gabriel Gets a Sequel!
Gabriel Gets a Sequel!

Moving on…

Outstanding fellow Samhain Horror author Russell James had this to say about my recently-released novel THE DARKEST LULLABY: “This haunting, horrific book will stick with you long after you turn the last page. Through deft prose and illuminating description, Jonathan Janz creates this story of a couple trapped physically and psychically in a farm house in the midst of the forests of rural Indiana.” And one more: “DARKEST LULLABY hits every horror high note with perfect pitch.” Here’s Russell’s Goodreads review: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/599453786


And lastly, author M.R. Gott was kind enough to read and review my sophomore novel HOUSE OF SKIN. See what M.R. had to say right here.

And that’s it for now. I’ll see you soon, pardn…friends. And remember that free download. If you don’t, you might just hear spurs janglin’ up your sidewalk tonight!


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