Your Chance to Ask Jonathan Janz ANYTHING…Oh, and Support His Release of Savage Species!


Oh, for the HOOK of a BOOK!

Hook of a Book is coordinating another GREAT book party over on our Facebook page for Jonathan Janz, horror author of Savage Species, a five-part serial series in which installment one was just released (Night Terrors).  Come celebrate with Janz and support his release of Savage Species!
It’s your chance to ask him any questions you like by emailing them following the directions provided below, then get your answers live at the party! As the moderator, Hook of a Book (Erin Al-Mehairi) will post questions to the Facebook page, and then Janz will comment. Feel free to comment yourself under the posts in conversation with him and others!
Let’s have some fun! Plus, you can enter to win some cool print books of Janz’s previous titles and awesome swag from Samhain Horror by emailing your desire to enter to
PLEASE email any…

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4 thoughts on “Your Chance to Ask Jonathan Janz ANYTHING…Oh, and Support His Release of Savage Species!

  1. Damn! I wish I could have attended. I’m glad it went really well. Congratulations on the excellent turn-out.

    Your behavior at the fountain sounds SO familiar. Last summer, I took my kids (16 & 26) to a local nature center and watched them build a dam in an artificial stream. I was pleased by how careful they were not to interfere with the fun of the little kids that were also enjoying the park. I was beaming.

    I think the other moms, though, thought we were a little crazy.


    1. You and I park our rowboats in the same stream, Renae. I love that you guys are into nature. We are too. I’m also very heartened to her that you spend time with your 26 and 16-year-olds. This’ll make me sound like a ninny, but one of my greatest fears is my kids not wanting to hang out with me anymore once they find out I’m not cool and am just their dad. I love that you guys still do things like building a dam. I pray my kids and I will still be doing things like that when I’m old and decrepit. 🙂

      And don’t worry about not coming last night. You can come to the Dust Devils release party in February! 🙂


    2. Man, I replied to this earlier, but my comment’s not showing up. Don’t worry about not coming, Renae. You can come to the Dust Devils release party in February of 2014!

      And I’m delighted to hear there’s another “odd” family out there. I’d hate to be stuffy, boring, and out-of-touch with each other.


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