The Day after the Party, the Fountain, and NIGHT TERRORS

Let’s do this in reverse order. Whaddaya say, Folks?

If you haven’t checked out the FREE first installment of my new serial novel Savage Species, you can get it anywhere ebooks are sold. Here’s just one place you’ll find it.

The reaction to said installment has been un-freakin-believable, which means I feel un-freakin-believable. Some folks have been sort of stunned by the amount of violence in the latter stages of Night Terrors, but what can I say? These are bad creatures, folks. The kind that would just as soon disembowel you, munch on your entrails, and play a game of tetherball with your intestines as look at you. Below you’ll see one artist’s rendition of “the Children.”

My Other Babies
My Other Babies

Secondly, my kids and I played in a campus fountain today. Actually, my kids played in the fountain while I took pictures of them and grinned at the adults nearby to see if they thought my kids were as adorable as I think they are. If they didn’t grin, I scowled at them and generally wished death upon them. So that was fun.

Lastly, we had a big party last night. The incredible Erin Al-Mehairi at the Oh, for the Hook of a Book website hosted guests, posted questions, and generally kept me from devolving into a quivering lump of stress. If any authors out there are looking for someone to help you with promotion, send Erin an email. The transcript of last night’s bash is right here. At least last time I looked.


So that’s it for now. Gotta go write. And think mean thoughts about the adults who didn’t smile warmly at my children as they frolicked in the fountain. Curmudgeons!


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