Jonathan Janz ‘Savage Species Part Two: The Children’ Review

The first review of Savage Species, Part Two: The Children just went live. And it’s a rave! 🙂


Horror Novel Reviews


Written by: Joe Hempel

After reading the first installment I was on the hook for the rest of the series.  The lead characters, the mystery of these vile creatures, the pacing and the writing were all done very well.  My problem was that I couldn’t wait until the 18th of June for it to drop!  Thanks to Jonathan Janz’s generosity however, I was able to read the next installment before its release.

The Children picks up exactly where part one left off, so if you’ve not read that one yet, this review could spoil portions of that part.  READER BEWARE.

Continuing on from the cliffhanger ending of part one the story moves at a pace that’s akin to a big budget blockbuster thriller.  For about the first twenty-five percent of the book you have crazy car chases, bloody action, and enough panic stricken moments to give you chills.

Through this…

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