The Serial Novel Continues: THE CHILDREN Are Here!


Hey, friends! The second installment of my epic horror serial novel Savage Species (The Children) is now LIVE! You can download this baby (or, um, child) right here for a buck fifty or right here for a dollar and five cents. You fans of Nook, Kobo, and iTunes can grab it too. It’ll be available wherever else you look too. Like they are in Savage Species, the Children are ubiquitous on the Internet. Kind of like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. You’ve got to be hiding in a frozen underground lair in Greenland to not be aware of them. Actually, if you are unaware of them, I sort of envy you. Can I come hang out in your lair?

FREE, folks. At least check it out. Let it hypnotize you. Let it put you under its spell...

Anyway, the first installment of Savage Species (Night Terrors) is still free. It’s available here, here, here, here, and here. And elsewhere. Do you feel linked to death yet? Kind of like a villain in The Legend of Zelda? WHOOOOOOO!!!!!! Feel how I just went old school on ya? Uh-huh. Don’t even get me started on Contra and Kid Icarus.

*wistful sigh*

In case you’ve missed it, Savage Species has been one of the best-reviewed works of the year so far, and I’d love for you to get on board and see what folks are buzzing about. I’ll be chatting at the Samhain Cafe today to celebrate the release of The Children. I’ll also be appearing on several websites, some of which I’ll link to later.

But now I’m going to hang out with my own children. In their own way they can be as scary as a horror novel. Remind me to tell you how my middle child shattered my front tooth with a Disney princess mirror. I’ll never look at Jasmine and Belle the same way again.

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