Outdoor Urination, Hermione Granger, and How Stephen King Depresses Me

Hey, Amigos. Yesterday and Monday were crazy days. Not only did I blog here, but on both days I appeared in two places at once. Kinda like Hermione in one of the Harry Potter books. You know, Maggie Smith gave her a watch that helped her stop time, and then she was here, then there, then…


She's a reader and a fighter. What a combination!
She’s a reader and a fighter. What a combination!

On Monday I appeared on my pal Brian Moreland’s blog and told a very inappropriate story about peeing in in a pine grove. Many folks have come forth since then—men and women, surprisingly—to tell their own stories, and though I don’t want to take all the credit for that. I’m gonna go ahead and do so anyway.



On Tuesday I celebrated the release of Part Two of Savage Species (The Children) by letting Jim from Ginger Nuts of Horror grill me about which characters by other writers I’d like to use in my books, what my upcoming plans are, and what I do about my chronic body odor. Or maybe it was my wife who asked me that last one. Regardless, the interview is right here. Oh, and you can pick up your copy of The Children wherever ebooks are sold, including right here, where you’ll find it for a measly $1.05. And you can get the first installment for FREE wherever the heck you want. Like this place.

Free, friends. Read it today.
Free, friends. Read it today.

So I’ll sign off for now. I had an awesome conversation with my wonderful agent Louise Fury yesterday and am still dialed up to eleven on the energy scale. Actually, I usually sit at an eleven anyway, so let’s call my eagerness to write today a twelve and leave it at that.

Have a good one, friends. I’m gearing up for a big battle scene in my work-in-progress…

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