The Horrors of Being a Tall Man in a Little RV

The Internet is often a source of consternation for me. Like when I’m looking up funny baseball bloopers on YouTube with my son but have to scramble for the mouse when a dozen profane comments pop up. Or even more distressingly, when one of the results that pops up is some dirty video featuring a man, his sister, and a snow leopard.

Now starring in Sonny the Snow Leopard Does Tuscaloosa
Now starring in Sonny the Snow Leopard Does Tuscaloosa

But sometimes the Internet can be therapeutic.

Take today for example. Gef over at the incredible Wag the Fox book blog was kind enough to play host to my ramblings today, and doggone if I don’t already feel better. You see, I love my in-laws. No, I really do. But there’s a serious issue involving them I just have to vent about.

Their RV.

Click on the article if you dare. But I promise you’ll be catching a glimpse into my innermost psyche. And if you haven’t picked up the free first installment of my serial novel Savage Species yet, you can do that right here and save me more emotional turmoil. Then purchase the second installment right here, and my turmoil will be just about licked.

Of course, I’ll still be seeing that poor snow leopard in my mind. I never knew those guys were so desperate for money.

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