Savage Species “Ketchum-esque”

Yo, friends. Today in the shameless self-promotion department, I’m posting a brief quote by my fellow author Glenn Rolfe regarding my new serial novel Savage Species. Prior to beginning the second section (The Children), Glenn said, “Looking forward to see where this Ketchum-esque tale goes next.” In his Goodreads review of the first installment (the free Night Terrors), Glenn also likened the story to Ketchum’s seminal horror classic Off Season.

Guaranteed to give you nightmares
Guaranteed to give you nightmares

So due to the fact that Jack Ketchum is one of the best writers in the world, Glenn saying those things about my new book makes me very happy.

You can make my happy too. Just check out the free first installment. I’ve got a feeling the tale will sink its razor-sharp talons into you…

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