DARK ZONE is here!

Hey, Friends. Shortish post today because…well, because I’m itching to write. Is that okay? I mean, it’s sort of a good thing, isn’t it?

Okay. Today marks the release of the third installment of my new serial novel SAVAGE SPECIES. This part is called DARK ZONE, partially because it takes place completely underground, but also because of what’s happening to some of the characters. You see…they’re changing. Some of them for the better, but some of them in frightening and appalling ways. This section is more character-driven than the first two sections (though I’d argue all my stuff is character-driven), so if you’re anxious to learn more about Charly, Sam, and the rest, you’re going to eat this up.

Subterranean Terror
Subterranean Terror

Here’s where you can purchase DARK ZONE for a measly buck and a nickel. Elsewhere you’ll find DARK ZONE for a buck fifty (which is still pretty measly, considering what you get for that loot).

So climb on board with the free first installment NIGHT TERRORS if you haven’t yet. Then check out Part Two: THE CHILDREN. And once you’ve knocked those novella-sized installments out, you can descend underground with the monsters in DARK ZONE. You fans of the films THE DESCENT and ALIENS are really going to dig this part. I think the rest of you will too.

Take care, Friends. And savor the light.

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