Blogging from the E.R. on the Fourth of July

Hey, Pals. Short post today because, well, I can’t see. At least not well. My left eye is a throbbing blur, and my right eye has decided to become watery and light sensitive.

How the world looks right now
How the world looks right now

Allow me to explain.

I was buckling my two-year-old into her carseat today to take her and my five-year-old daughter to the mall. After I buckled my two-year-old, as I often do I kissed her on the leg. She’s in a mischievous state of mind these days and is given to biting and scratching to see what my response will be. And no, please don’t make any Linda Blair jokes about her—she’s as sweet and wonderful and amazing as any daughter could be.

But man, those thumbnails are sharp.

Artist's depiction of my daughter's right thumbnail
Artist’s depiction of my daughter’s right thumbnail


One moment I’m bent over kissing her chubby knee, and the next she’s plunging that hard blade of thumbnail into my left eye and then jerking down.

Yeah…that sort of hurt. I feel like a putz for going to the E.R., but one of my relatives who works in the eye field demanded I be seen today because corneal abrasions can sometimes lead to even worse things. Like loss of eyesight in the eye. And that wouldn’t be my ideal way to celebrate our nation’s independence.

So I’m here. I’ve been trying to write, but my eyes keep watering up, and the screen is a blearily glowing rectangle.

Have a great Fourth, Friends. I’ll be wrestling with my daughters and my son this afternoon and then lighting fireworks later. With safety goggles on.

A Goggly Fourth of July!
A Goggly Fourth of July!


7 thoughts on “Blogging from the E.R. on the Fourth of July

  1. OH! I was sure it was going to be fireworks.

    You’ll be pleased to know that you made me feel just slightly sick to my stomach (with: plunging that hard blade of thumbnail into my left eye and then jerking down), then you made me laugh out loud (with: Artist’s depiction of my daughter’s right thumbnail.)

    I hope it’s a no-big-deal-injury and that you can enjoy the rest of the day.


    1. Thank you, Renae. I went with my family to a Fourth of July gathering and then brought my youngest back to the house so she could meet her bedtime. I didn’t really get to write today at the E.R., so I’m sitting here in the dark, quiet house with a makeshift eye patch on (under which there’s a bunch of anti-biotic gunk smeared) preparing to do my best to get my daily quota done. We’ll see.

      I do appreciate your good wishes. You’re very kind! 🙂


  2. Oh man…that’ll be one to remember, bro! Or forget, if you will. At least you’ve kept your sense of humor. By the way, a TV fell on my head about an hour ago…no joke…thankfully, I’m hardheaded…but I did let loose a string of colorful metaphors…


      1. Nice little lump on my head this morning, and oddly enough, not a two but four and a half year old may have contributed to aforementioned incident. Basically, this TV on my dresser in our bedroom, which happens to rest against a wall that adjoins a wall leading out to the back pool patio. She’s been in the habit of slamming the back patio door and I think the physics of that caused the TV to slowly inch forward until I happened to tug open the bottom drawer, bent over looking for shorts….thankfully it only fell maybe several inches onto my hard head. 😛


  3. Yikes!!!!!!!!! OMG, are you going to be okay? Should you REALLY be even writing throught that? I hope it gets better soon. You get fingernailed, the guy above drops a TV on himself, and I dropped my laptop on top of my 6 year old’s head leaving a big lump and a wailing mess of a little person. And everyone thinks fireworks are dangerous….


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