Fireflies and Savage Species

I love fireflies. I always call them lightning bugs, but fireflies sounds more like Bradbury, which means it’s lovelier. We’re starting to see a few fireflies in our yard and will be spotting more as July continues.

My Glowing-Rumped Friends
My Glowing-Rumped Friend

It’s one of my favorite parts of July. That and Lil Kim‘s birthday.

Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you don’t already have something big lined up for the eleventh. We’re all friends here. Right?

A-hem. So the other order if business is my periodical check-in with you about Samhain Horror’s first serialized novel SAVAGE SPECIES. The first installment is free and can be filched just about anywhere. Okay, downloaded just about anywhere—I just wanted to use “filched” in a blog post.

Free, friends. Read it today.
Free, Friends. Read it today.


The second installment can be gotten right here. Or anywhere else.


And the third here. Or anywhere else.

In which things get even darker...
In which things get even darker…

That’s all for tonight, Friends. If you need me, I’ll be watching a Downton Abbey rerun with my wife. Or standing gape-mouthed on the lawn watching the firefly show.


2 thoughts on “Fireflies and Savage Species

  1. I envy you…down here in Florida we get roaches and mosquitoes the size of toy cars…I’ve been lucky, though, to experience lightning bugs while visiting grandparents in Pittsburgh as a kid.


    1. That’s the first time in a while I’ve had someone from Florida envy our Indiana conditions. But the way you say it…yeah, I do prefer fireflies to roaches.

      I’ll still take your January, February, and March, thought. 🙂


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