World War Z: An Incredibly Short Review

This is going to be short. Why? Because I’m tired and I want to go read. Enough of a reason for ya?


Either way, here goes…

I liked it. I haven’t read the novel, so I didn’t have my teeth clenched going into the film (How dare they change the book?! Hollywood NEVER does that!). I also like Brad Pitt. I know some folks don’t, but ever since I saw him in True Romance (minor, but awesome role and performance) and in Johnny Suede (yep, I was one of fourteen people to have seen that film), I’ve really been a fan. So that’s probably why I liked the film. I’m also a sucker for the whole father-protecting-his-family trope. Because I would protect my family from zombies. I’d soil myself in the process, but I’d certainly protect them. In fact…has anyone tried accidental defecation as a zombie deterrent yet? Or uncontrolled urination?

*hustles over to notebook and scribbles idea for zombie story*

"If they can smell fecal matter, they won't hurt you!"
“If they can smell fecal matter, they won’t hurt you!”


No, the film wasn’t earth-shattering, and sure, it would’ve been twenty times better had it been rated R, but the zombies-on-a-plane scene was cool, as was the first zombie attack (which I found genuinely frightening).

There were problems, plot holes, and some silliness mixed in, but perhaps because my expectations were somewhere beneath the theatre basement for the picture, I ended up liking it. My favorite part, by far, was a wordless confrontation Pitt had with the chattering zombie. I can’t find a screen cap of it, but Pitt did a great job in the scene, and the zombie makeup was good.

So…yeah, World War Z wasn’t a great movie, but it was worth my time.

Johnny Suede. No caption necessary.
Johnny Suede. No caption necessary.

Have a good night, Friends. I’m going to read me some Elmore Leonard. Bandits. It’s awesome so far.

4 thoughts on “World War Z: An Incredibly Short Review

  1. *head*desk*……i’m not sure what to say but I think your idea for the “zombie deterrent” won’t work….lol….it’s funny because I used to hate Brad Pitt…then I went through a period where I liked him….and now I back to the hating Brad Pitt….lol…I think Troy did it for me….


    1. 🙂

      Hmm…so you didn’t enjoy Troy…

      I actually never saw that one all the way through. I just fast-forwarded from one fight to the next. Does that make me a bad person? Was I already?


  2. Heard it was good…but dammit, I had an original story idea…dealt with narcoleptic zombies, working title (yep, you guessed it) World War Zzzzz’s…


    1. Niiiiice. Hunter Shea, one of my fellow authors, would’ve agreed with the Zzzzz title for this one. He really found it dull.

      But your idea is cool. We need to move fast with it though because I hear they’re making this into a trilogy. Whip up that screenplay! 😉


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