Time to enter THE ARENA: SAVAGE SPECIES Continues Today!

Hey, Friends! Today is a great day. Not only did I get to play trains with my two-year-old daughter for an hour, but the new installment of my serial novel SAVAGE SPECIES came out today. It’s called THE ARENA. At the preceding link, you can grab it for only a dollar and five cents; if you’re an Amazon, B&N, iTunes, or other kind of reader, it’s a buck fifty. In THE ARENA all our main characters finally come together. We find out Sam Bledsoe and Frank Red Elk have a history with one another. We learn just how far Charly will go to save her infant son and just how much Jesse will do to rescue his dream girl Emma.

Unfortunately, we also learn just how evil Charly’s husband Eric can be, so maybe I should warn you: THE ARENA contains one of the most disturbing scenes I’ve ever written. The kind of scene that was necessary to the plot but that I don’t even like to think about now. Here’s the cover:

There's no escaping...
There’s no escaping…

And here’s the first installment of SAVAGE SPECIES (NIGHT TERRORS), which is still absolutely free:

Free, friends. Read it today.
Free, friends. Read it today.

And that’s all! I’m entering perhaps the busiest two weeks of my writing career, so I better go hang out with my wife and kids so I can write and edit later on tonight. Have a great evening, and I really hope you check out my serial novel. And that was a lame blog post ending. But I don’t have time to come up with a better one.


Still lame? Okay, well at least it was lame in a peaceful way, whereas the first ending was just…lame.

So peace! And love. And carnage.

But only book carnage. Preferably my book carnage.



6 thoughts on “Time to enter THE ARENA: SAVAGE SPECIES Continues Today!

  1. Nice! I wanted to ask…the terror-stricken blonde on the cover…is that Colleen? Not that it matters. Just so you know, your lameness and uncool coolness cancels itself, dude…so you’re aces in my book!


    1. Hey, Chris! I’m not sure exactly, but I always got the impression it was supposed to be Charly (because of the blond hair). But really, it could be any one of Charly, Emma, or Colleen based on the reader’s mental image of each character.

      And thanks for the uncool coolness thing. 🙂


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