Five days until SAVAGE SPECIES reaches its horrifying conclusion!

Hey, friends. JJ here. No one actually calls me JJ, but I’ve always liked the initials, they’re also my son’s (though no one calls him JJ either), and, well, isn’t that enough? Notice I didn’t mention Jay Jay the Jet Plane or Brenda Blue, who both, if I’m being completely honest, kind of freak me out? But at least they don’t irritate me like Herky or Revvin’ Evan.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, consider yourself lucky.

But we’re five days away, folks. Five days from the conclusion of my serial novel SAVAGE SPECIES. The reception to this story has been off-the-charts awesome despite the fact that the final installment hasn’t been released yet.

The Face of Terror
The Face of Terror

But on July 30th, The Old One is coming. Man, is he coming. I didn’t intentionally save the best for last, and though I love each one of the five installments of this novel, I’d be a big plump liar (we don’t use the word “fat” around my house) if I didn’t say that I love The Old One far more than any of the other sections. It’s wild, it’s dark, and it’s surprising. It’s also very sad. If you’re taking bets about who lives and who dies, your chances of guessing correctly are akin to my chances of ever attending a Justin Bieber concert. Which is to say almost nil. I suppose if my daughters someday get into his music, I would go with them to keep the boys away. Or maybe if I got kidnapped by Bulgarian extremists and forced at gunpoint, I might attend. Maybe.

But shrieking Bieber fans and Bulgarian extremists have nothing on the creatures in SAVAGE SPECIES. I’ve spoken to several of my fans who’ve been waiting for all the installments to be released before they begin the series because they don’t want to get partially done only to have to wait for the rest. Well, I’d say you’re now getting into that safe zone where you can order the installments and feel secure in the knowledge that by the time you get to the last installment, it’ll be released.

And remember that the first installment (Night Terrors) is still absolutely free!

Free, friends. Read it today.
Free, friends. Read it today.

I’ve gotta go write now. Take care. And choose your music wisely.

4 thoughts on “Five days until SAVAGE SPECIES reaches its horrifying conclusion!

  1. Damn…I was hoping somehow Bieber would appear, try to sing to the Old One in order to secure his safety…only to be ripped to pieces.


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