NEW Interview with Me on Horror Novel Reviews!

Hey. At the in-laws. Can’t talk long. Not being held captive, just feel weird blogging from someone else’s computer. Kinda like I’m brushing with someone else’s toothbrush. It’s a bit unclean, way too familiar, and leaves a disconcerting aftertaste. Plus, there’s all that drool on the keyboard to mop up.

Can you imagine how weird it would be if I didn’t like my in-laws?

Anyway, the very kind and cool John Wisniewski interviewed me and today the interview was posted on the excellent Horror Novel Reviews website. They led with a picture of me, but if you scroll through really fast, you won’t have to look at me.

So here’s the link:

Now I’m going to go rinse off my fingertips and shiver for a couple minutes.

There's no escaping...
There’s no escaping…



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