THE OLD ONE Attacks Today!

He's Here.
He’s here.

Isn’t that a sinister visage? I have no idea how the fabulous artist Angela Waters created this image, but it’s easily one of the coolest of the six SAVAGE SPECIES covers. Many of you have been reading the installments as they’ve been released and will be finishing the SAVAGE SPECIES serial novel shortly. Others have been waiting for all five installments to be released before embarking on their trip to the Peaceful Valley Nature Preserve. Others still are waiting for the trade paperback version to release in September. Whatever the case, I’m only going to say a couple of things about THE OLD ONE (also for sale at the Samhain website for a buck and five cents!) because I want you to experience it for yourself…

1. The ending surprised me. Like really, really surprised me. There are novels I’ve written where the only thing I DO know at the beginning is the ending. That’s how CASTLE OF SORROWS, my July 2014 sequel to my debut novel THE SORROWS, is. Though CASTLE OF SORROWS will be my longest novel ever (easily reaching the 125,000-word mark), I only really knew one thing about it when I started out—the very last scene. But with SAVAGE SPECIES, it was a total mystery right up until the end. Then when all the tumblers fell into place and that lock snicked open…man, what a surprise. I just sat there in shock staring at the monitor. I hope you have a similar reaction.

2. Prepare yourselves for the deaths of several beloved characters. I’ll obviously not say which ones will die, but as #1 above intimates, the ending to this thing is really unexpected. I still get sad thinking about it.

3. Lastly, I hope you tell your friends about SAVAGE SPECIES. I’m extremely proud of it and would love for a load of new fans to check it out.

Thanks, all, and have a fantastic Tuesday. I’m off to write and edit!



2 thoughts on “THE OLD ONE Attacks Today!

  1. Dude, will diving into this shortly…can’t wait, but damn, I hope…well, I was going to say I hope Frank doesn’t die, but I know how it is, being a writer. Or where the story takes you. Thanks for this ghoulishly fun ride, Jonathan! 🙂


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