Jonathan Janz ‘Savage Species Part Five: The Old One’ Review

Five-out-of-Five Stars for THE OLD ONE, the Final Installment of SAVAGE SPECIES!

Horror Novel Reviews


Written by: Joe Hempel (of

The final installation of Savage Species has now been released, and what a ride it is!

The violence is stepped up, the fear is stepped up, and the excitement and suspense are turned to 11 on the dial.

I guess the biggest compliment I can give with this is to say, I hate you Jonathan Janz, I hate you so much!

You don’t get a lot of answers here.  For instance, I still don’t know exactly why one of the Children took Charly’s son, or where these things came from, but you do get a sense of why the appeared at the time they did, and also find out a bit more about the NightFlyers.

One thing is for sure though, this creature feature is left wide open for a sequel or even a prequel explaining where these things came from.

The Bottom Line: …

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