Some Things You Might Not Know That I Love

By now you know I love my wife and kids. You know I love Stephen King. But here are some things you might not know that I love…

George Strait

"I cross my heart..."
“I cross my heart…”

The Brothers Karamazov

A Classic That Exceeds Its Reputation
A Classic That Exceeds Its Reputation

The smell of Iams Weight Control cat food

Yes. I used to sniff this every time I fed my cat.
Yes. I used to sniff this every time I fed my cat.

Jimmy Stewart

A Gift

The change of seasons

I didn't take this picture. That's why it's pretty.
I didn’t take this picture. That’s why it’s pretty.

Patricia Arquette in True Romance (especially her imperfect teeth)

"Even tastes like a peach."
“Even tastes like a peach.”



Ray Bradbury

We miss you, Ray.
We miss you, Ray.


16 thoughts on “Some Things You Might Not Know That I Love

    1. Dude, you have fantastic taste. I already knew that, it was already confirmed, but this…this makes that confirmation as solid as can be. Wasn’t she amazing in that film? Especially the scene in the bathroom with James Gandolfini? I channel her in that scene sometimes when I have a female character turning ferocious. Love it! 🙂


  1. I named my 3 years old daughter Ramona Alabama for a reason. Love those characters and that movie. In my top 3 of all-time…easy. And I own every season of Seinfeld on DVD. Best show ever.
    Thanks for sharing, buddy!


  2. I choose a different one other than Patricia in the movie. LOL I like her in Medium the TV show though. I love Brothers Karamazov. Acutally I like almost all Russian Literature, a favorite of mine even since some Russian lit classes in college. You have many various tastes, not all the same. I like that. Except George Straight and sniffing cat food. 😉


    1. I do indeed have varied tastes, Erin. I really like that you’re a fan of The Brothers Karamazov. It’s one of those books everyone should read for fun, as strange as that sounds.


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