My Novels

Howdy! It occurred to me today, Dear Friends, that I’ve never composed a blog post exclusively about my novels. As in, how many of them there are, what’s coming up, and what their titles are. If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, you can stop reading right now. Of course, if you do that I’ll think bad thoughts about you and hope you get poison ivy between your toes, but like I said, you can stop reading if you want.

Here are my novels in order, along with their release dates (some of these dates are for the paperback releases; others are for the digital editions; what can I say? I like to mix things up!):

The Sorrows (March 2012)

House of Skin (June 2012)

The Darkest Lullaby (March 2013)

Savage Species (September 2013)

Dust Devils (February 2014)

Castle of Sorrows (July 2014)

Unnamed novel (January 2015)

Another unnamed novel (some time in the next six months)

And here are five of the above novels’ covers:

Where it begins...





So there you have it. A quick summary of my novels so far. More are on the way, more will be written this fall and winter. But if you’re looking for some good reading, I’d love for you to check these out.

Adios for now, Friends. Have a great Sunday!

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