And We’re One Week Away from SAVAGE SPECIES, the Complete Novel…

Yep, my friends, it’s almost here. I’m going to stop talking about it in installments and instead start focusing on the whole dang thing. SAVAGE SPECIES, the entire novel, will be available on September 3rd. In only one week, you’ll be able to grab it in trade paperback or in complete ebook form. Here are just a couple of the many amazing blurbs:

“A whole myriad of terms come to mind instantly when I think about this book: “relentless”…”ferocious”…”intense”…”brutal”…”amazing”. No single word, though, seems to do it justice. With this book, Janz has reset the bar for horror excellence. This is now the standard by which all future horror books should be judged. It is simply that good. Period.” —Shattered Ravings


“Having been privileged to read the first three parts, I can happily report that Janz has prepared a brutally ferocious banquet which opens with such a welter of savage violence that those with an appetite for bloody, shrieking terror will find it hard to wait for the next course. As the story progresses the tension and terror mounts and we are treated to a nail biting struggle for survival against a legion of seemingly implacable foes. There are a number of nasty surprises awaiting the hapless protagonists who have to increasingly draw upon their own untapped reservoirs of courage and ferocity in order to survive the relentless terror.”  —Dreadful Tales

“The violence is stepped up, the fear is stepped up, and the excitement and suspense are turned to 11 on the dial. I guess the biggest compliment I can give with this is to say, I hate you Jonathan Janz, I hate you so much!” —Horror Novel Reviews (on The Old One)

Enough for now. Folks, I’m really proud of this book and would love for all of you to check it out. Right here you can grab the ebook version for $4.55. And here you can get the paperback for $11.90. Not bad.

And you can get either version anywhere else books are sold. And if you’re still on the fence, you can download the first hundred pages or so right here for free!

Talk to you soon, Friends…


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