SAVAGE SPECIES: The Complete Novel is here!

I’ve got Thomas the Tank Engine going in one ear and my daughters clamoring in the other, so I don’t have long to blog. The girls are actually bathing while they watch Thomas on Netflix, and I’m strategically positioned about five feet away from the tub so I can leap forward should some unseen bath monster rise from the bubbles and attack my girls but also shield my laptop from any gleeful splashing. If splashing occurs due to a bath monster attack, I’ll probably save the girls before my laptop. Probably.

Coming in five days!

Anyway, today marks the release of SAVAGE SPECIES: The Complete Novel. If you followed the serial releases, you know that this story first appeared as five separate installments. All told, it’s a whopper of a tale and one I think you’ll find worth your while. I could post all sorts of blurbs and gush about how cheap it is…okay, maybe I’ll do that second thing. It’s only five bucks at Amazon and even less at the Samhain website for the ebook; the paperback is $11.90 at Samhain and not much more than that at other sites.

What I will say is that this has been the best-received of my four novels to date and that I’d love for you to check it out. That seems like enough pushing for now; it also sounds like Thomas is shunting the heck out of another engine, and while that might be totally harmless, it sounds to me like it should be illegal. Or at least rated TV-14.

So have a good night. And don’t let anyone shunt you without your permission.


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